Homestead Exemption - How to File

Filing for homestead can save you money as well as offer additional benefits on your homesteaded property.

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Homestead Exemption - How to File

Posted by Lisa Treu on Saturday, January 4th, 2014 at 2:59am.

Here is all of the information that you need to know in order to file for your homestead exemption.  It is the time of year that homeowners are thinking about making sure they have their HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION complete so they can get a credit on the property tax bill they will receive.

Florida homeowners are entitled to property tax credits which they may qualify for.  These may include: Homestead, Widowed, Blind, Disabled, Veterans (various categories) and Ect.   The homeowner must be able to show proof of ownership as of January 1 of the year and must file with the county tax department for exemption no later than March 1.   Approved exemptions will be reflected in the yearly tax bill which is issued on November 1.  The taxes are paid in arrears ( Jan. 1 starts the tax year however we do not see the tax bill until Nov. 1).

There are many reasons to homestead your property.  The first is to save money.  That alone would be enough for many however this is just the beginning.  My favorite part is the Save Our Home component that limits the impact of fast appreciation.  You will have the protection that if prices go up, your assessment will be capped at 3%.  And then there is the legal benefits.

It is easy to apply on-line by following these easy steps.

Go to web browser and type in:

Property Appraiser’s Public Access, (click and this will take you to the property appraiser page.

Mid-page click in the section, How Do I ….

File for exemption

Click,  Forms Tab  at top

Click , exemptions

On right ;   Click Here for E-File

Then follow the instructions to complete the form information.

You will need a Florida driver’s license, Voter Registration and ect.

You will then be able to get credit deductions on your property tax bill, it’s that easy.

If you have questions related to Homestead Exemptions or other Real Estate related questions,  give us a call at Treu Group Real Estate

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