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January 2017

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The international market is alive and well in Florida.  It really is a small world after all.  Changes globally impact us here at home in Florida both positively and negatively.  Why does the international market matter so much?  Florida receives 22% of all international buyers.  In fact, we are the number one state that international buyers purchase in.  Many guess that California or New York are the most popular however they trail Florida with !5% for California and 4% for New York. This shift has occurred since because of the perceived value for Florida properties. 

One of the benefits of the international buyer is that their average sales price is higher.  The average sales price for Florida buyers was $258,200 compared to Florida International

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Treu Group Real Estate WJNO Radio Show

Baby boomers and millennials are two very different generations with a lot in common; they're both buying homes! How do retiring baby boomers and upcoming millennials impact the south Florida real estate market? Tune in to Treu Group's latest podcast to learn more about how certain types of buyers are impacting the real estate market, and what this could mean for the value of your home. 

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