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The current real estate market is hot and fast-moving, but that also makes deals more susceptible to mistakes and falling through.

The issues we have been encountering more frequently lately are in regards to equity loans taken out in the past ten years.  Before reforms were made, loan products and mortgages were difficult to understand and customers were often poorly informed; however, though these creative loan packages have been eradicated, the home equity lines from then are still in process.  People who were locked into an affordable rate ten years ago are now experiencing a shocking increase in their payments.  The default rates in home equity lines have been rising in the recent months, as well, due to this problem.

If you think you

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The concern of How You Get to the Closing Table is on the minds of many.  Right now, there is plenty of activity going on in the sellers' market in Palm Beach and Martin Counties!  In fact, in some communties it is hot.  We need more inventory and are eager to help sellers that are ready and want to sell their home!

A hot sellers' market like this one has not been around for a while, but this time, there are definitely some new and different obstacles on the buyers' and sellers' ends.  A lot of properties are getting more attention; properties at certain price points and in certain communities that did not feel that big of an impact last time around are definitely feeling the boost now.

For sellers, it is necessary to have a skilled agent on

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Do you have a home or condo that you need to sell? Was your home on the market and it didn't sell? Treu Group is here to help you. You deserve a sold sign and our exclusive marketing is key to getting you the results you desire.

4511 S Ocean Boulevard #Apt 208, Boca Raton, FL
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2 BATHROOMS (2 full)
1100 Square Feet

Treu Group Real Estate Sold this Ocean Condo in Highland Beach for 96% of asking price. This condo was listed with another agent prior however Treu

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When life happens, it impacts many things including decisions about your real estate transactions.  There are many positive and negative life events that cause you to need to make tough decisions.  The latest show on WJNO, discusses options to minimize the impact to buyers and sellers long term.

What to do depends on many factors.  Of course every situation is different so call us to create a personalized plan that will allow you to make the right move.

Divorce - In the case of divorce, there already are emotions and stress.  Then you add the 3rd largest stress in life, a home sale, and you have a very challenging situation.  So what do you do?  The first thing is to find a real estate agent that can truly be neutral and allow each person to

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4511-S-Ocean-Blvd-208_Pool1-300x224This Highland Beach Ocean Condo was sold to top dollar by Treu Group Real Estate.  The condo was sold for 96% of a top dollar asking price.  The buyer was a cash buyer and closed quickly.  This condo was listed with another agent and they didn't sell it however due to exclusive marketing and strong negotiation Treu Group Real Estate was able to get the seller to the closing table.

45 Ocean, formerly Ambassadors South offers a beautiful ocean location and this condo had wonderful ocean views.

Are you looking to buy an ocean condo in Palm Beach County?  See all the ocean condos for sale.

Thinking of selling?  We'd love to help you too.  Your ocean condo deserves to shine.  We know how to offer the best marketing including radio, international,

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If you have been looking for a home online, you have most likely already figured out that many of the websites are not as up to date as they should be to be relevant.  There are so many properties that are already under contract or even sold that are still showing active.  The other issue is that not all of the homes for sale make it on all of the sites.  So what is a buyer to do?

If you're thinking of buying, here are a few tips to help you buy your new home.

  1. Get off of website that is dependent on agents or owners to update the price and status.  Use a website that allows you to see all homes as well as see the status so you know if a home is available or not.  Your Palm Beach County real estate team knows that accurate information is critical
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West Palm Beach HomeThe Treu Group has sold another home in West Palm Beach.  We got a great price for the sellers who are thrilled with their results!  The sellers are loyal listeners of Lisa and Steve Treu on WJNO 1290 Radio and happy they picked up the phone and called the Treu Group for a listing appointment.  Great marketing and exposure of this home is the difference that provided an experience that allowed them to move into their next home.

Want to know what your home is worth?  Want the same great results?  Let the Treu Group help you!

When you are in the market to sell or buy a home in Palm Beach or Martin County, do like this happy seller did and call to get your own great results!  561-352-3056

See more of our recent successes at

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Boynton Beach HomeAnother Short Sale was closed in Boynton Beach and the seller was able to avoid foreclosure.  This home was located at 8443 Michael Dr, Boynton Beach.  The home was in Le Chalet.

The seller was so glad to have the short sale approved.  The loan was with Seterus and $160,000 was waived plus there was a $3,000 moving incentive.

If you are wondering what your options are to avoid foreclosure, call your short sale team.

Want to discover what the short sale process is like?  Call us to schedule a time to meet.

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We just experienced a miracle and our buyer did too.  Was it a miracle?  Or was it a determination that comes with hiring Treu Group Real Estate?  I believe it was both.  One of the most amazing things that we offer our clients is that we don't take a no if a yes isn't possible.

The good news couldn't have come to a nicer buyer.  I know he will have many great memories in his new home.

Treu Group Real Estate was committed to helping our buyer get the home of his dreams.  There were bumps however due to amazing connections, accurate records and the expectation that we had to get him his house.  Without our experience, the buyer would be homeless.  It is so great to have a happy client.

The details:  The home purchased was in Palm Beach Gardens in

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Have you been looking at real estate websites?  Did you know that real estate websites can harm you when you are selling?  Huh?  Yes it is true.  How you are asking?  Here are a few reasons:

  1. We have all heard that knowledge is power, right?  However, only if the information is accurate.  Have you considered that many real estate websites actually have information that is missing or inaccurate?
  2. Pricing estimates are just that, an estimate.  Go to and look at your zestimate.  Then look at the range estimate.  It is a huge range.  The estimates are based upon averages and often old data.  Websites can not adjust for upgrades correctly.  As well as anticipating the market changes.
  3. If your home is not marketed correctly on the sites,
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