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Are you planning a renovation project to improve the value of your home?  Where do you invest your money to get the highest return?  Whether you are hiring a professional or your planning on a DIY project, here are some tips to help you decide where to invest your time and money.

Here is our latest real estate show about which renovations will improve your home's value in Palm Beach County and Martin County.


One of the easiest and best returns on your time and money is paint.  A fresh coat of paint can give a home a great facelift.  You can also add personality by painting an accent wall without having to commit completely to a bold color.   Do you paint yourself or should you hire a professional?  It depends on your patience,

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DelrayBeachChristmastTree-225x300Delray Beach is all decked out and there is still time to see all of the Holiday decorations including the famous 100 foot tree.  The tree is located at Old School Square however you know that it is special as you drive down Atlantic Avenue.  It is all decked out with lights that bring Holiday cheer. 

You can visit Santa, ride the Carousel and even Ice Skate (ok not really ice however the kids love it the same).  The kids will love it and so will the adults.

Come check out the restaurants and stores that offer unique food and gifts.  This is the perfect place to get your last minute shopping done.

Be careful when visiting Delray Beach.  You might fall in love and never want to leave.  You really don't have to though as there are over 1200

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ElephantThere is often an elephant in the room and many real estate agents and sellers attempt to ignore it.  Can you imagine trying to ignore an elephant roaming around your home?  It would not be something to pretend like it doesn't exist right?  Well neither is ignoring appraisal issues.  You have to acknowledge appraisals and have a plan to deal it.  Your Palm Beach County real estate agent and Martin County real estate agent is on your side to make selling easier.

The great news is we have the plan and solution to help you deal with appraisals.  There are several ways to do this.  Here are a few options:

Have a pre-list appraisal.  We recommend a real estate appraiser that is realistically optimistic.  What is the most that your home will appraise for

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Buying your new home is an exciting time, especially when it is your first home. As a real estate agent I love helping people get through the emotions that buyers go through during the process. I recently purchased my first home and found out that the roller coaster of emotions buyers go through is normal. Yes, even for agents. Here are the phases of emotions you can expect if you are about to buy your first home.

Phase 1-Dreamland

This phase starts when first time home buyers are thinking about buying because they realize how much money they are throwing out the window on rent. They usually start browsing the internet for homes daydreaming about what their home would look like. After a day spent on Pinterest and home sites they have usually

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The latest information about mortgages as shared by Erick Cantele at Academy Mortgage on Treu Real Estate 911 as well as the latest market information.

The hedge fund investors have come back the past couple of months so it is more important to have a strategy to win if you need to obtain a mortgage. The way a deal is packed and promoted can mean the difference between getting your home or not.

Why Erick Cantele?

  1. There are no additional rules that Fannie Mae gives so it is a bit easier to qualify for a loan. Often the big banks add additional rules. It can also be an interpretation of a policy.
  2. When there are issues, with Erick, we can work together and get our client closed.
  3. The Treu Group trusts Erick Cantele. Our level of
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Real Estate Deals and Real Estate Agents are all the same right?  There is nothing further from the truth.  Real Estate is not black or white.  Every deal has a different challenge and having a real estate team that understands this and knows how to handle the issues is critical.

Have you heard that 50% of the deals fall apart?  This is viewed as normal.  The Treu Group can not imagine that amount of deals that fall apart.  We have proven systems that help our clients overcome challenges and help our clients get to the closing table.  In fact, we also have saved our clients over $100,000 in 2013 with post offer negotiations.  We'd love to see how we can help you too.

Let us meet to explore our different perspective on real estate...Yours.

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IsyourhomenotsellingHave you been on the market and you're having trouble selling your home?  Are you confused with the fact that it is supposed to be a seller's market and yet you are still looking at your for sale sign?  So what is going on?  The real estate market is a seller's market in most areas however that doesn't mean you can just stick in a sign out and it will be sold.  It takes 3 things to get our home sold.

  1. The right price.  A correct pricing strategy is critical.  In a seller's market, you can't under price a home.  By hitting the price right, you will be able to get top dollar, that is what you want right?
  2. The right condition for what buyer's expect.  What is typical for our price point and community?
  3. Perfect marketing.

1/3 of the selling

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How do you select your real estate agent?  Does it even matter who you hire in a seller's market?  Only if you want to sell for top dollar.  Well of course you do.  It is natural to want to maximize your real estate equity.  Who you have on your side really does make a difference.

Too often when a home doesn't sell, we receive a call from the seller and after a couple minutes on the phone we hear "I wish we had hired you the first time".  After just a brief discussion they see that who we are and what we do really does make a difference for our clients.

Who we are is where it starts.  We are a team of specialists that have exclusive marketing including radio, video, international marketing, social media exposure as well as database of buyers

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Delraybeachfair-225x300There are so many great communities in Palm Beach County.  So what makes Delray Beach so special?  It is hard to really describe however as soon as you visit, you will understand almost right away.

I feel like I am in the Sound of Music when I say this however, here goes.  Here are a few of my Favorite Things about Delray Beach.

  1. It starts with the people.  There is a natural friendliness that is in Delray Beach.  It is hard to walk down Atlantic Avenue and not see someone that you know.
  2. The great restaurants.  You don't have to walk far to find the food that you are in the mood for in Delray Beach.  Downtown has great restaurants including Dada's where I enjoyed my birthday.  You have to try the S'Mores Dessert.  So Yummy.  Tryst has a great
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