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If you have been thinking of selling, the natural decision is to wait until January.  We are all entering a very busy time with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years Eve.  Why would you even want to add more stress by putting your home on the market?  Are there even any buyers looking for a home anyway?  Here are a few reasons why selling at this time of the year is actually the best time.

  1. The number of available homes drop dramatically.  Most people wait to sell so if you believe in the 180 degree theory like Warren Buffet, then you should have your home on the market.
  2. The Hedge funds are very active right now.  After months of being silent, they are making offers and buying homes all over South Florida.  What does that mean to
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15316-77th-Tr-N_Front3One of the great joys that we get to experience is when we help a buyer or seller achieve their goals. Some of our clients are excited and some are dealing with changes in circumstances however each has a story. We are human, some think we are superhuman and we have to remind them we are not. We just have a determination that is partnered with care and compassion which allows us to get amazing results. We are committed to working harder, smarter and have more competitive advantage for our buyers and sellers. Steve and Lisa are so committed that they travel to always have the best available.

Due to our experience, marketing and negotiating skills, we had another success story for our seller in Palm Beach Country Estates. We sold the Palm Beach Country

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If you are thinking of buying, you don't want to pay more for your home than you should. Buying your first home can be a scary decision. Heck, buying your third or fourth home can be a scary decision. The biggest question we get asked is “Is now a good time to buy a home?”. The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY!

If you are planning on getting a mortgage, and let’s face it most people are, interest rates impact your purchasing power more than prices do. If prices increase 10% this ends ups being less in your monthly payment than it would if interest rates go up 1%. That's surprising, isn't it? We are at an ALL TIME LOW right now with interest rates. For the younger generations out there, we have gotten spoiled with interest rates in the 3 and 4 percent range.

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I love to watch sports and movies about sports.  Why?  There are a lot of great lessons that can be applied to business and life.  What makes it fun to watch a great team?  Here's what I enjoy.

  1. A great team has to have heart.  A team with passion will out perform talent with out passion.  The under dog can do amazing things if they want it more than the other team.
  2. If you have the best people in the right position, you will have a better chance of success.  The right team members in the wrong positions can mean a loss.
  3. A great team will hold each other to a higher standard.  The coach is there to guide however accountability comes from the other members as well.
  4. The best teams are about one common goal.  Leave the egos at the door and go
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We've all watched those apocalyptic movies wherein the government prefers to keep everything a secret to the citizens until everything goes out of hand. This is not really different when it comes to business. Most companies would want to keep their clients minimally informed, or sometimes they feed them bogus stories. From the beginning, you've known that we always want to keep our clients and listeners informed as much as possible. We believe that an informed client is a good one, so we do everything in order to keep you updated as much as possible. This podcast is especially focused on our buyers. If you're a little worried that the price you offer may not get easily accepted, don't be!  So if your offers haven't been accepted in some of your

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Marina Grande

A great option for many is a condo however is it right for you?  If you have always lived in a single family home, it is important to understand the pros and cons of the condo lifestyle before you decide to buy.  Yes there are both pros and cons.


MarinaGrandePool-1-1-300x2251.  Easy lifestyle where you don't have to maintain landscaping, exterior repairs or amenities.  This is great if you are busy or you don't live her year round.

2.  You can usually have more amenities such as clubhouses, pools, work out rooms etc for less money.

3.  It is an easier investment opportunity as when you pay the monthly maintenance fee, you have paid for the maintenance items instead of having to have a lawn, pest control or pool company.

4.  The insurance  costs for the exterior

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