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Happy Holidays from Treu Group Real EstateNow that the holidays are here it is time to consider why now is the ideal time to sell.  With it still feeling like summer in Florida, it is hard to believe that it will soon be Thanksgiving and then it will be time to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah.  The natural think to consider is to put off selling until January.  We are busy, right?  You might wonder if anyone is really buying real estate anyway.

So let's look at the information objectively.  Here are a few of the reasons why you might want to consider selling in the 4th quarter.

  1. Inventory always is less during the 4th quarter.  Less inventory means more money.  That is a good reason.
  2. Your home will look it's best.  Buying a home is an emotional decision and when a home is decorated, it
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Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.  This is so true of our real estate team.  Each member of Treu Group Real Estate is working in a role that focuses on the strengths and because of that, there is a very high level of excellence.

It is exciting to walk into our business and see smiling faces and people that love what they do everyday.  Why is this important?  If each member doesn't love what they do how can they possibly love our clients?  That is so important as it what I desire the most.  It has taken many years to find the right people in the right position.  Imagine if you could do what you love all day long.  That is what we have the joy of doing at Treu Group Real Estate.  It is a real blessing.

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It's not yet even Halloween, but many are now scared. People are scared not of ghosts but of the real estate market. I'm guessing you are actually worried about what is happening, due to the recent changes in the US economy. Whatever is happening in Washington scares us, because we feel that we can't do anything about it.  But there's no need to worry dear readers, because we know exactly how you can solve your anxiety! In our podcast, our very own Lisa Treu said that the best way to avoid getting anxious over market statistics is to be informed. Whether you are buying or selling, you need real, solid information about the market. With this information, you can decide whether or not the real estate market is safe.

If you are selling your home,

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You've decided to take the step to buying a home.  It is one of the most exciting times and it can also be stressful.  It is actually the 3rd biggest stress in life.  So we want to help you by sharing a few tips on getting your offer accepted when you find your new home.

Step #1 - Make sure you have saved enough money to put a large amount of money in escrow.  When there are multiple offers, this will help you be able to have a greater chance of getting your offer accepted.

Step #2 - Also be ready to smile if the seller is home.  We have had sellers sign our offer based upon liking the buyer.

Step#3 - Be flexible with the closing date, ask the seller when they would prefer to move.

Step #4 - The lender you hire is critical.  Having a

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If you are thinking of buying a home, you are most likely watching the interest rates.  What is the impact of a 1% interest rate increase?  Erick Cantele with Academy shares the financing information that you need.  As a mortgage lender Erick noticed that the typical home buyer often experiences paralysis by an over analysis of the real estate market.

What is the Impact of interest rates going up by 1% when financing $200,000?

Please see examples below:

$200k loan amount, 4.5% Interest rate, $1013 P&I

$200k loan amount, 5.5% Interest rate, $1135 P&I

With a 1% increase in rates the change is $122/month ($1464/year) increase in the P&I payment.  For many American’s this increase can take them right out of the home buying process due to

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If you are feeling a bit nervous about real estate and what is going on with the economy and the government, this is completely normal.  So what do you need to know so you can deal with what is going on all around us? We can't control what goes on however we can decide how we deal with the changes around us.  The worst thing that we can do is to be frozen with fear.  It is good to slow down, evaluate and get quality information and then make decisions.  If you don't make decisions, they will be made for you.

If you are a seller and are considering selling, it is important to decided the timing of your sale.  We are currently in a seller's market and Days on the Market are down.  Buyers are urgent about buying a home so if are considering selling, let's

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